Deniz Sever Georgousakis-Bio

Deniz Sever Georgousakis’ PhD at Koç University focuses on the concept of apotropaic, spiritual, and/or magico-medical protection and its development in Byzantium over the centuries, a concept reflected in the material world of Byzantium. Deniz spent one year in Greece for the comparative analysis of her material from Turkish museums with their counterparts in Greek museums thanks to a grant from the American Research Institute in Turkey. Her research combines the fields of anthropology and art history to understand the connection between images and inscriptions, and their role as mediators of narratives in scriptures and oral traditions. Deniz participates in the archaeological excavations in the Küçükyalı ArkeoPark which is an urban archaeology project located on the Asian side of Istanbul as an art historian. Her responsibility at the project is to study the metal objects and create a detailed digital database for the study of small finds.